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Coatings, Paint Removers & Cleaners

Our range includes a comprehensive selection of aircraft coatings, ranging from primers suitable for various airframe substrates to topcoats available in standard, metallic, and special effect mica colors. These coatings are renowned for their exceptional application properties, UV resistance, and color durability. Our pioneering Selectively Strippable System offers both long-term performance and streamlined topcoat removal for repainting purposes.

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PRC® and Pro-Seal™ sealants play a crucial role in sealing the structures of numerous aircraft worldwide. Our extensive selection of aircraft structure sealants encompasses solutions for fuel tanks, safeguarding aircraft mating surfaces, and sealing aircraft windshields. Through our Local Application Support Centers, we offer Semkit® packages, premixed and frozen sealants, and cutting-edge custom sealant solutions like PRC® seal caps and PRC® FIP Strip sealant. These innovations not only save time and labor but also offer superior quality benefits.