PPG Introduces Next Generation Deltron Paint System


DELTRON® products were developed in Europe by PPG’s advanced coatings technology team to meet the demand for a high-performance, high-solids system that delivers superior color-matching for vehicles sold around the world. As a result, it’s been approved globally by more OE manufacturers than any other PPG refinish brand. Supporting this commitment to excellence is PPG’s Paint Performance Guarantee program.


The world’s most advanced waterborne basecoat system

Thanks to its unique, next-generation PPG developed technology, the Envirobase High Performance paint system delivers ground-breaking waterborne performance characteristics. This industry leading formulation is able to combine low VOC ‘green’ credentials with the speed, productivity and user-friendliness a modern collision repair centre needs to enhance profitability.

Selecting the Envirobase High Performance paint system is far more than just picking an environmentally friendly option. For small collision repair centres, right up to large multi-shop operations, it’s about choosing a true waterborne paint system that comes with the speed and efficiency to make a real difference to paint shop productivity. No wonder Envirobase High Performance is the established market leader.


AquaMax Extra

High technology doesn’t have to mean high complexity. AquaMax Extra – part of the MaxMeyer product range and proudly distributed by Protec – is a leading edge waterborne basecoat system specifically formulated to deliver a user-friendly, yet highly productive ‘green’ solution to meet modern refinish industry requirements.

As one of the world’s leading waterborne systems, the following features and benefits are just some of the many that Series 550 AquaMax Extra Basecoat provides:

  • User-friendly – logical and easy for painters to learn and quickly achieve peak performance
  • Non-stir tinters – a quick shake is all that’s needed
  • Easy to understand mixing ratios
  • Excellent opacity – reduces application time and minimises material usage
  • Simple to blend and achieve a high quality finish
  • Full range of high quality tinters to match the latest vehicle colour trends
  • Supported by the market leading RapidMatch™ GO spectrophotometer and PAINTMANAGER® software
  • Excellent colour match accuracy
Tech Data Sheet
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This innovative system saves labour time, reduces waste and transforms the mixing room into a clean and safe environment. This robust and easy to use technology sets a new standard for the refinish paint market.

Paint technicians and bodyshop managers will benefit from the extreme accuracy coming from the automation of the mixing process, improving speed, quality and color consistency. Bodyshops using MoonWalk will, most likely, attract painters who are keen to work in environment where they can utilize their core skills.